What is the Digital Marketing in the World’s Technology 1

With the rise of social media and digital technologies, marketers and businesses were expected to evolve from email marketing.

However, email marketing is still a reliable tool. Various researches show that email will become some of the most widely used and popular communication platforms in the future.

But before you utilize these free email marketing tools, find out how email marketing is used to interact with users and if it will remain a viable strategy in 2022.

The Data Behind Email Marketing

Here are a few stats to prove email marketing’s dominance in marketing strategies globally:

  • In 2021 alone, the number of worldwide email users was about 4 billion, which is expected to increase to 4.6B users worldwide in 2025
  • More than 300B emails are forecasted to be received and sent every day in 2022

But if you want to derive maximum benefits from email marketing campaigns, you have to take an all-inclusive approach towards making the right and fitting email marketing strategies.

Luckily, there is a range of credible, effective, and free email marketing tools you can use to organize and schedule various email campaigns. 

What’s more, they even provide analytics to ensure success.